For 25 years, Pointmaker has grown as an AV manufacturer and app developer for the presentation and collaboration markets. Pointmaker products are used in courtrooms, classrooms, surgical operating rooms, boardrooms, operation control centers, and houses of worship, as well as for distance learning and broadcast. For more information, please visit www.pointmaker.com.

Pointmaker video markers have come a long way since their use as a telestrator on "Monday Night Football" in the late 1990s. Like many technical devices, the product evolved in a variety ways, from bulky beginnings that required drawing with a light pen pressed against a monitor screen to using today's more streamlined wireless tablets and touchscreens. For 25 years, the functions and resolutions of the Pointmaker line continually advanced to serve a wider presentation market that had moved from analog to digital to today's mobile community, becoming one of today's leading hardware-based annotation providers.

On February 6, 1995, Judge Lance Ito approved the Pointmaker video marker for use in his courtroom during the nationally televised O.J. Simpson trial. The product was requested by attorneys when they found that they needed an easy way to focus judge and jury attention on video evidence. This evidence was displayed simultaneously on four monitors, one video projector and -- with Judge Ito’s approval -- to the news media for television broadcast.






Audio Presenter

Complete Huddle and Conference Room Presentation System


The new Pointmaker Audio Presenter amps up your presentation possibilities. Like the Presenter, the Audio Presenter
represents a new generation of wireless tools designed to simplify presentation creation and delivery via preferred devices (laptop, tablet or phone) in a meeting space. Audio Presenter then adds audio to the mix, delivering industry first, truly wireless, audio + video connectivity. With an integrated amplifier and audio mixer, Audio Presenter allows you to integrate your choice of professional microphones, loudspeakers and other pro audio components – and gives you the option to connect wireless personal devices such as computers, tablets, phones, headsets or anything Bluetooth® to the room’s audio system. You can even extend the range up to 100 feet with the optional B luetooth range extender. No more video without audio, or conference lines and speaker phones.


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Pointmaker Audio Presenter was awarded Best of Show by Sound & Video Contractor at InfoComm 2018.








Pointmaker Presenter

4K Presentation and Anootation System


The new Pointmaker Presenter from Williams AV redefines presentation systems allowing a presenter or educator to truly engage with their audience. Highlight, annotate and maximize white-boarding tools -- all via wireless connection from your personal device to Pointmaker Presenter to room display. Use the intuitive, icon-based toolbar to create more engaging presentations in real-time. The Pointmaker Presenter becomes a hub, supporting multiple protocols for connection to a range of device types via Airplay, Miracast, Google Cast or HDMI cable. For additional mobility, the Presenter Pad Apple and Android apps allow you to stroll around the room and control your computer's presentation from your device. The app toolbar offers easy toggling of your presentation, slide control, live annotation, white boarding and the ability to change input sources “on the fly”. Meeting attendees on the presenter’s network are able to access the content remotely using a computer and a supported web browser.


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4K Annotation System


Focus Audience Attention with greater detail and precision than ever before with the Pointmaker CR-400 4K annotation system. This model can be integrated into a variety of audio/visual systems; including large format broadcast displays, courtrooms, perating rooms, high-end presentation stages, and command and control centers.


Stream Video In and Out or Record Video making this the first Pointmaker model with this combination of capabilities.


Annotate Over Multiple Video Resolutions including 720p and 1080p, up to 4K. With the ability to upconvert and downconvert, the CR-400 meets the demands of today's audio/visual needs while being ready for future upgrades.


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